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We simplify engineering challenges and develop easy-to-use applications for accurate and fast solutions.​

We provide reliable solutions for glass static calculations. W-GLASS is now available for your mobile devices!

macrostatic w-glass.png
macrostatic wglass cdrom cover.png
macrostatic wind cdrom cover.png

Calculating and reporting wind loads on your curtain wall has never been easier.

macrostatic wind.png

Optimize your curtain wall systems and make your company more competitive.

macrostatic frame.png
macrostatic frame cdrom cover.png
macrostatic window cdrom cover.png

Determine optimum profile sections for your complete system.

macrostatic window door_6x.png

Project centered solutions

An interactive and easy to use web browser interface provides our clients with advanced facade systems solutions without extraneous technical details

Cost efficiency

Our budget focused packages offer cost savings on an as-needed basis with different subscription options including free updates.

Fast Design

Our leading-edge software generates rapid facade systems solutions for all professionals, permitting accelerated calculations and error-free project designs

Detailed Reporting

Results of structural analysis are reported in detail, with schematic drawings including your company logo.

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