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Facade Frame 

System Analysis


Macrostatic FRAME has been created with the aim of being a software for everyone by removing the analysis of facade systems from complex technical details.

The program analyzes the frame facade systems with the finite element method.

Load combinations are automatically generated by the program taking into account the SLS and ULS load factors separately.


The profile and material qualities are already defined in the program library. The library, which contains many profiles and material types in its library, enables the user to make modeling suitable for the unique project.

Sample Solutions


Thanks to its adaptive structure to all platforms, the Macrostatic FRAME offers a fast use in any environment where internet access is available.


  • The frame elements can be created in two stages horizontally and vertically, and the environment-specific load assignments can be made quickly, or we can select one of the appropriate templates for the project and calculate the cross-sectional strengths we need.


  • Frame length, special ports and types can be defined easily from the program interface.


  • Macrostatic FRAME, Eurocode or controls the results of the analysis according to the desired criteria.

The Macrostatic FRAME has brought the facade system analysis to a level that

relevants can easily solve as well as the engineers.

Horizontal Design

Vertical Design


After defining the required geometry and the resulting loads, the analysis results can be reached by solving the system.

The user can then easily check the tension and displacement capacities by means of the "Check" section.


Before the report is created, the logo and names of the logo can be designed and the desired report format is obtained.

With the Report be found in the program menu, it provides the opportunity to report the analysis results quickly.


The user can use the controls obtained in his reports as he wishes in order to be the mainstay of stress and distortion in his report.


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