Glass Analysis


Macrostatic W-GLASS is a fast, user-friendly software that can be used to calculate the stress and displacement values of glass panels in accordance with European Standards.

Software contains many types of glass and tempering in its library, allowing the user to model for the project.

Macrostatic W-GLASS performs all calculations and design controls according to Annex E prEN 13474-2: 2000, taking into account external loads such as climate and altitude as well as internal loads.


Macrostatic W-GLASS offers easy and fast modeling with a user-friendly interface.

  • In the program interface, the geometry, thickness, type, tempering conditions of the glass as well as the internal and external loads are easily defined.

  • It allows the user to perform a quick analysis by selecting the appropriate designations from the multiple selection lists.

  • It is the only program that calculates according to prEN 13474 by analytical analysis method.

With various glass geometries in its library, the user can easily analyze

the arched glass.




The software interface has a window where analysis results can be seen easily.

The user can easily control the tension and displacement capacities with this window.

A "Report" button that is located on the program menu; this offers rapid reporting facilities.