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  • Can anyone use the Macrostatic applications?

Anyone interested in structural facades can use our applications with basic computer knowledge.

  • Who are developing these applications?

We are an R&D firm located in ITU Teknokent, Istanbul. We are developing these applications with the efforts of our engineers and designers, who each have experience in structural & facade engineering and software development respectively.

  • How can I buy Macrostatic applications?

You can easily buy Macrostatic applications at the “Purchase” page on our website. Furthermore, you can contact us via email or phone for multiple license purchases.

  • How long can I use the application? What is the licensing term you are providing?

Macrostatic applications can be used with the “Monthly” or “Annual” licensing options. Our applications have the integrated “Credit” system along each license type.

For example, you will get 3000 credits with the “Monthly” license, while the “Annual” license incurs a total of 30000 credits if you purchase a Proffessional Account for Macrostatic WIND. During the usage of the applications, 1 and 6 credits will be used for each Analysis and PDF Report respectively. Additional license can also be purchased if the credits are spent during license term.

Please see the “Purchase” page for more options of licensing, regarding all of our applications.

  • Which subscription plan should I select?

We offer 4 types of Subscription Plans (Basic, Professional, Team and Enterprise). Each have its own advantages.

We recommend to consider your volume of business, when choosing the best and proper subscription plan for your company.

Also, you will see that annual subscription plans get more convenient prices! Please see the “Purchase” page for more options of licensing.

  • Should I buy each Macrostatic application separately?

Depending on your business and purpose of use, you can buy them separately. In addition, you can contact us by email through for bundle or multiple licensing options.

  • Can I access Macrostatic applications offline?

No. Macrostatic applications run on online servers after you login to your account. That’s why you need to be online.

  • Which Macrostatic application should I choose?

It depends on your business and purpose of use. Also, you can contact us and tell us about your business and we can tell which of our applications suits your business best!

  • On which platforms do the Macrostatic applicatons run?

Macrostatic applications run on any device that has a browser-based software and continuous internet access, including but not limited to smartphones, tablet computers running on Android or IOS.

For optimal performance, we recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers for using Macrostatic applications.

  • Can I use the Macrostatic applications on my mobile phone or tablet pc?

Absolutely. You can use our applications on any mobile device with access to internet and Java compatible browser.

  • How many devices can I use the application on at the same time?

Macrostatic applications can be run on a single device simultaneously, with the “Basic” and “Professional” user accounts.

In addition, with the “Team” user accounts the applications can be used in up to 5 simultaneous instances. (“Enterprise” accounts can even have more.)

Please see the “Purchase” page for more options of licensing, regarding all of our applications.

  • Can I use the Macrostatic applications in English or another language?

Macrostatic applications have been designed in English language for the moment. Additional language options will be considered according to customer feedback.

Furthermore, the tutorials on our Youtube channel and the User Manuals will be online in English & Turkish.

  • How can I contact you for my suggestions, complaints or feedbacks?

You can contact us by email through

  • How can I access the application tutorial and courses?

The tutorials on how to use our applications are online at our official Youtube channel.

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