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Wind Analysis


Macrostatic WIND is a user-friendly software that calculates wind forces at a rectangular building according to the European standards.


Calculations are done according to Eurocode 1991-1-4:2005 and the terrain types are already defined in the program.

Wind effects for the building are calculated for every side and presented as both suction and pressure.


  • Thanks to user-friendly nature of the program it is so easy to calculate wind forces for different heights.

  • The required inputs are dimensions of the building, terrain type which is chosen from predefined types, and speed of the wind.

  • Also for advanced users custom turbulence and orography factor can be defined under the advanced tab. For more information about the advanced factor you can look at Eurocode 1991. 

  • After the information has been entered to get the results simply press the Calculate Button.


The results are represented in an another card that has two tables and the shape of the building. 


Shape of the building is shown in wind areas which is hovered with a mouse or tapped highlights the corresponding column in the tables.


Reason there is two tables is each one of them represents the pressures for a 1m2 area when other table is for 10m2 area. 

The columns are separated by different wind areas which have been given as horizontal dimensions in the header of the table. Rows gives the maximum forces in the given spacing.

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